Sunday, February 5, 2012

Super Bowl Dog Commercials Are Not Purr-ticularly Funny To This Cat Lover

I usually spend my Superbowl afternoon trying not to fall asleep while teams I don't really care about are playing.  Except for the commercials of course.  So this year I was (again) a little disappointed by the lack of a stellar commercials to keep me entertained.  However, I was unpleasantly surprised and a little upset by this commercial from Doritos. Am I overreacting about the content of this commercial?  I don't think I'd be happy if Indiana secretly murdered freed Onyx from captivity and then tried to bribe me with chips.  Could you imagine if this commercial was just two dudes pretending to ignore a murdered lost cat?  Or perhaps the dog could be getting rid of a human kid that was vying for attention.  Hilarious.

(The Husband is currently trying to talk me down from being extremely miffed at this ad, so I know I am perhaps being overly sensitive to the cat vs. dog and perhaps subtle animal abuse/abandonment themes I might be imagining.  Still Doritos, can't you stick to adorable pugs busting down doors of boorish taunting boyfriends?)

Last Year's Doritos Commercial Praising Doggie Power

Also I almost forgot how we are supposed to let our dogs out of doggie doors to chase cars when they feel like it! Although slimming down from eating all those Doritos is probably a good message for our pooches.  (See what I did there?)

And while I'd like to complain about how greyhounds are abused in racing, this French Bulldog is just too cute for words.

I'm not a huge fan of Budweiser (or beer in general) but I like showing a bit of love to a mutt and mentioning rescue dogs in particular.  Rescue dogs are great!  (But probably shouldn't be treated as servants.)

So, overall, I'd give the commercials this year 2.5 stars.  Let's have some cat love next year!


  1. I know exactly what you mean. You have to wonder what some of these idiots are thinking when they make these kind of commercials.
    Yes, they are funny, but in a grotesque sort of way.
    I don't eat meat and one day at the supermarket came upon a billboard of a little cow with the caption ""When I grow up, I want to be a beefburger." Hilarious - I don't think!
    The Christmas before last there was an uproar when John Lewis, a big department store, did a commercial which ended with a dog standing in a blizzard while a little boy hung a stocking on it's kennel.
    The ad was banned after a couple of weeks because it promoted animal abuse, quite right too!
    Hugs, Lynne x

  2. Yes - our favourite was the pug crushing the boyfriend :-)) and really didn't like the first one. We've had some pretty dodgy animal commercials at times in the UK too but most have had to get taken off air because of complaints :-)) woofs & licks from Magic xx

  3. I liked all the commercials! It was just an easy laugh!

  4. As a cat lover, I was very upset by the first commercial. Yes, I understand that the dog / cat battle can be funny, but a lost (murdered?) cat does not amuse me at all. If it was the cat on top, how many dog lovers would be upset??? (And, yes, I would still be upset then.) I was upset enough to swear off of Doritos... And, my husband is trying to talk me down as well, although he did agree that he also found the commercial to be offensive....

  5. My parents did not watch the Superbowl this year so we did not see any of the commercials. I will have to say I did not like the first one either...that was just not funny to me!! I think my mom agrees 100%!!


  6. Awww. The Weego ad was awesome and cute.

    I don't want to hurt anyone's feeling but I found the bribery funny, of course I was hoping they'd use something else, like your car keys so you won't go to Superbowl... or something other than freeing the cat... I won't even consider murder ( too evil for me).

    The exercise ad was hilarious too... oh, and the pug... hahaha I just love them all.

    Huggies and Cheese,



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