Friday, January 20, 2012

Painting in Miniature, the Fun Part!

I wanted to thank everyone for their nice comments from yesterday!  As promised, I've completed some pendants from the paintings in my last post.  I cut out the tiny paintings to fit into pendant trays and then glued and sealed them with a glass cabochon (which is a pretty awesome word.)  I plan on making necklaces with print outs of my work, but really liked the idea of painting for the shape itself.  Unfortunately, some pendants did not survive the process and were deemed unsalvageable.  They are not pictured, but will be remembered.

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new. - Albert Einstein

This is the painting I competed yesterday.
I finished some more today.

I really wanted some leopard print.
And that lead to tiger stripes.

I haven't ordered the necklaces cords yet, but will soon so that I can start selling them as finished pieces in my Etsy shop.  (Still haven't decided to do black leather cords or ribbon necklaces!)  I'll also have to wait for some better lighting to take pictures because I'm not totally happy with these. Reflective things are hard to photograph!

And here is a black cat in a little box to end this post.


  1. I love them. I like the tiger one.

    Maybe you should give the choices to the customer. Like they can either choose ribbon or leather. I personally like leather but I recall having worn some which left markings on my neck when I perspired a bit.

    There's this other kind of chord which I always choose, I just don't remember its name. It had a leathery texture but it was plastic.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  2. These turned out great! I also like the idea of letting the customer choose leather or ribbon. I am not much of a leather person, so I'd probably go for a ribbon option.

  3. This IS a fun part! Very stunning paintings, beautiful that you can paint so small. Good luck with selling them on Etsy - I'm sure they'll capture many people's attention.

  4. Those are beautiful!!!

    Teddy Bear & Sierra

  5. These are beautiful! It's terrific to watch as you experiment through previous posts and then to see the final product.

    I do have one point to consider, since you mentioned the choice. Aside from a matter of taste, as previous commenters have mentioned, there are some animal lovers, like me, who are opposed to using leather in protest of factory farming. It might play as ironic that you're celebrating animals in a pendant yet using animal hide to secure them. Just something to consider.

    Wishing you well in your Etsy sales!

    1. Wow, it is embarrassing to admit that I had not even considered that. While I would never consider wearing fur, leather is something that tends to slip under my radar. Thank you for the suggestion!

  6. Oh my goodness, these are amazing, such detail in a small piece.

    Good luck on your sales!



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