Friday, January 13, 2012

An Ode to my Black Cat on Friday the 13th

This Friday the 13th morning, Indiana and Onyx successfully napped on the bed together, and it warmed my heart them getting along, even if the dog was under the blanket and probably unaware of his proximity to the cat.  After adopting Indiana, things got a bit more exciting forOnyx and he didn't appreciate it for quite a while.  Now, I think that Onyx is finally getting used to his new dog sibling and he is finally going back to his old routines of snuggling the Husband and me in the morning and sitting in my lap.

I tend to look evil in pictures, but I promise I'm a sweetheart.

Unfortunately, not all black cats get such a cushy life.  Black cats get a bad rap.  They are seen as "unlucky" and "evil."  All of this is totally false, of course but they still have a hard time getting adopted from shelters according to the ASPCA.  This is terribly sad, and something I did not know when I went looking to adopt my cat, who turned out to by the aptly named, Onyx.  In fact, when the Husband saw Onyx in the cat enclosure when we visited Manhattan's ASPCA shelter, I thought I'd have to jump through more hoops to adopt a black cat, thinking shelters saw too many prospective adopters looking for back cats for nefarious purposes.  Turns out I was not wrong about black cats and some bad adoptions.

My Chat Noir

Now, my regal Onyx is one of my muses and just a great cat. My Black Cat crosses my path everyday and never causes any bad luck.

Some Positive Cat Myths


  1. My son and his girl friend, a vet tech, nursed a two year old abandoned black kitten to her present 15 pounds. She is a total joy and their good luck charm.

  2. I meant a two DAY old kitten. Duh...

  3. She's not evil...she is adorable!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! We are your newest followers!!
    xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  4. I love your black cat post!

    You are herewith the recipient of the "Liebster Award"! Posted about it today; see details there. Congratulations!

    Keep on wagging,

  5. That portrait is breathtaking! I love the look in his eyes.

  6. Beautiful portrait, and a beautiful subject as well. We had a black cat growing up, and had to keep him indoors during halloween because of people with, shall we say, unpleasant intentions.


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