Friday, January 27, 2012

Apparently Kreatively Blogging

It was a great surprise to receive the Kreativ Blogger award from Pup Fan earlier this week (even though the first thing I thought of was the Krusty Krab.)  Make sure to check out the other recipients over at I Still Want More Puppies.  They are worth wasting a little time over!

I put off writing this post because it required me to think of interesting things about myself, which always reminds me of college essays, or worse, online dating profiles.  Which leads me to my first factoid-

1.  My husband was my first date through  Yes, when I lived in New York City for graduate school, I decided to give online dating a chance and meet some people in the Big Apple.  Turned out I really only met one, and he was a keeper.

2.  The name Onyx, my black cat, is also the name of a Pokemon, which made and still makes me giggle.

3.   I don't like cheese.  I used to pick it off of pizza, although after living in Italy for a semester, I have been able to get over that.  I never eat it on sandwiches and I eat my mac plain. (The Husband gets the cheese packet to himself.)

4.  I used to own a hedgehog, which is my family designated spirit animal because of the letter "H".  Her name was Briar Rose and she was blind in one eye, so not very friendly.  I wore leather gloves to pick her up, which she hated.  She loved snuffling around the backyard under supervision.

5.  My biggest childhood crush was Batman (from the animated series in the early nineties).  My biggest current crush is Batman.  The Husband is fully aware of this.

6.   I've never been to a band's concert.  (I've been to many orchestral concerts.)  I'm working on getting the Husband to take me to a Coldplay concert.

7.  I wrote my Master's Thesis on the movies of Japanese animated movie director Hayao Miyazaki in case you haven't figured out how much a nerd I am.  (My Master's Degree is also pretty much useless to anyone wondering.)

8.  I keep getting the "Back" and the "Del" button mixed up on my new pc.  (As a previous Mac person)

Now to pass it along to some blogs that deserve it!

Bunny's Blog - She writes great updates about animal activism, in particular related to rescue and shelter animals. 
Chronicles of Cardigan - Corgies just happen to be one of my favorite dog breeds.  (Hopefully getting one next!!)  I can't get enough pictures of  Dewi and Jon  Farleigh in my life.
Dip-Dip and The Bridge - Chihuahuas in adorable sweaters.  Need I say more?
Max the Quilt Cat - Because cat's deserve a shout out on this blog.  And I'm still not sure what a quilt cat is.
My Dog's Love Me - love the url and loves the posts. 
Yes Biscuit - frequent posts about how to better our animal shelter system. So informative and maddening at the same time!
A List of Surprises - Not a pet blog?? Yup.  This girl writes some fascinating historical factoids.  Thoroughly researched and thoroughly interesting.

Recipients!  To claim your prize, post the picture on your blog, write 7-9 facts about yourself (however many suits your fancy!) and pick some more blogs to share the love with! 

I started painting butterflies!


  1. Thank you for the award - I am honored to be one of your selected blogs! Now I may actually have to write a blog post to accept it and pass it on. But first I need to go back and smack Pamela & AJ for starting the whole thing. You see if Pamela hadn't written her blog post, then AJ would not have written hers, and you would not be writing yours! Not a very grateful winner, am I? ;-)

    1. LOL... at least the blame goes back to Pamela and not to me. :)

  2. Thanks, Helen! :) I'm so glad you like pictures of my corgis and I hope that you DO get one one day!

    Your hedgehog story made me giggle - especially the leather glove part. :) And that thesis topic? Wow.

    You're a great butterfly painter.

  3. Hi Helen
    Thank you so much for our award which we will blog about soon as all next week's posts are scheduled.
    That must have been so romantic meeting your husband through, we have that in UK too.
    I love Japanese movies although I've never been able to get into anime, that is quite a fun subject for a masters thesis though - bet it didn't feel like work at all - or did it :)
    Hugs, Lynne x

  4. Having probs commenting again :(

    Congrats on your award! Now I don't feel so silly to have been in love with Astro Boy (animated)! I loved Spirited Away. Not so keen on Howl's though.

    Have a great Sunday :) x

    1. Howl's took me a couple times watching it again to enjoy. Not sure why! Glad you are able to get comments through, I appreciate it!

  5. Awww. Really? Awww. I find the URL a tad arrogant ^_^. But I do like it. Hehe. Congratulations on your award.

    Okay. Hayao Miyazaki, eh? My partner likes him but I prefer old school anime, the ones like Full Metal Alchemist, Alice Academy and Chobits. Yes, I'm a sucker for romantic anime.

    Next, Onyx was so creepy looking in the series but I do use him in Pokemon GBA games because I got him through a trade-in which made him easier to level.

    I'm glad I learned something about you. Let me get back to that award this week.

    Huggies and Cheese,


    1. Fullmetal isn't so oldschool! I still consider it current, probably because it was the last anime I really go into, also they redid it so that makes it pretty recent right?... Now I'm feeling old!

  6. Congratulations on your award! Hedgehog....awwwe!

  7. Congrats on your award! It is so much fun learning more about our friends! Batman, huh? ha ha! The butterfly is AWESOME!

    1. Thank you! I really like painting small things for some reason. (Also Batman is the best!)

  8. Congratulations on your award! That is pawsome!

  9. Congratulations on your award! It is most deserved! I'm looking forward to checking out your recipients, too.

    I think your answers are super funny. Especially #1. It's awesome that the Husband was a keeper right from the start. I love how "H" figures here with the Husband and the Hedgehog. Plus the "B" because your butterfly painting is beautiful.

    Keep on wagging,

    1. Letter "H" is pretty good! Although my initials are also that for Harry Potter. Not sure how I feel about that!

  10. Congratulations on you award! Your paintings are beautiful. I have a picture of Sampson and my Hubby with their backs to the camera looking ahead to the trail. Through one of those special offers on one the photography websites I had it made to look like it was a painting. It's one of my favorite pictures. I often times wish I could paint.

  11. Congratulations on your award!
    I don't think I have ever known anyone who doesn't like cheese, and I envy your husband who gets the whole cheese packet:)))

    Your butterfly painting is beautiful!

    1. Thanks! My dad doesn't like cheese either so I probably inherited some weird taste buds.

  12. whaaat? don't like cheese??????? i don't know if we can be friends now. ;-)

    congrats on your award! oh, and that butterfly is GORGEOUS!


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