Monday, June 11, 2012

Wedding Silhouettes

I got a great commission from a lovely lady in South Carolina.  She is getting married, and silhouettes are going to be used as part of the decor theme.  So, she contacted me about creating a pair of silhouettes for a Poodle and a Pekingese.  I thought these would be for dogs she owned, however, "Poodle" and "Pekingese" are apparently pet names the couple have for each other, which is so cute.  (They do have a short haired Pekingese named "Boogie", who looks just like the silhouette according to the bride.)

 The silhouettes will hang on the back of their "Mr. & Mrs." chairs. 

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Foxie, Sadie, and Butterscotch

I'll be delivering a finished painting tomorrow!  I believe two of these pups are already over the rainbow bridge, but I was honored to be able to put all the siblings together in a painting for their mom.  Her daughter-in-law will be giving it to her this weekend, as a surprise.

Foxie, Sadie, and Butterscotch
Here are a few of the photos I was working from.  There was only one, small photo for Sadie, the white Pomeranian, but I tried to capture her the best that I could.

I would have delivered the painting today, but my client's neighborhood got hit by a nasty hail storm last night.  I'm sending lots of positive energy, hoping that they will get their roof fixed quickly and easily!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday Mischief: Indiana Learns How to Howl

After attending a Basenji Rescue get together, Indiana, the Husband and I participated in a group howl for the first time.  We had pretty low expectations for Indiana's wilder instincts to kick in, even after teaching him how to speak, but, after a few seconds of everyone howling (including the several people and dogs that were there), Indiana gamely followed along, though his face had the look of "what am I doing??" as he whined sang.

 Indiana following his innate instinct to howl along, but still a bit confused as to what is going on

We thought this was pretty adorable and have been howling to get him more used to it every so often for the last few weeks, to the (I'm sure) delight of our neighbors.  He only participates when he is particularly excited about something: Dad comes home, it's time to go out, or he feels like chasing the cat.  Howling has actually been a great deterrent to his last foible;  if he starts chasing the cat, I coo at him, he howls for a bit, and then he seems to settle down.  It has been working better than crating him as a time out, although the experiment for this situation is only a few days old. 

Indiana howls like a champ now. And, so far, only does it when we do. *knock on wood*

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