Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Stinky dog is now less stinky

Yesterday, Indiana came back from the dog park covered in dust and slobber more than usual.  Dreading his presence on the sofa, I took it upon myself to give him the dreaded B-A-T-H.

Now, of course, I need to mention with the fact that Indiana hates baths.  What a surprise!  He's kind of like this guy-

Skip to 5:35 for the dreaded "shiba scream" which Indiana does a great imitation of during his baths.

During the days I worked at Daily Wag dog daycare, I had the free use of their very nice dog washing tub, complete with a hand held shower nozzle.  Our apartment has no such luxuries (the shower head is firmly attached to the wall), so we have to fill a variety of bowls and  jars with water in preparation.  We then pour these over Indiana in the bath to get him clean. This takes forever to set up, use, and clean up.

Getting ready for the bath.

So, I tried turning on the shower to rinse him off.

As you can tell by his face, Indiana was not amused and is still recovering.  Peanut butter helped quite a bit to relieve his "pain" though.

The dog bath eventually lead to the decision to wash all of the dog bedding, which was a serious contributor to his built up stank.  Of course, now my washer is covered in dog fur, which I've been slowly picking out.  The interior of the washer also smelled quite a bit (not surprising given the amount of odor on the blankets) so I had to run a quick wash with no clothes to at least freshen it up.

What was recovered from the washer.

Any ideas on how to clean doggie blankets more efficiently?


  1. Before I run dog beds and blankets through the wash, I take the rollers to them, getting off any excess hair. I then clip them to the laundry line or lie them flat somewhere and hose them off with the hose on the power setting. You can soak them in a solution of vinegar and water to both disinfect and remove the doggie stink, then run them through your washer. Good luck!

  2. BOL I'm so glad Nola has such short hair that doesn't really shed
    Dachshund Nola's Mommy

  3. OH wow, that's a lot of built up hair. I often wonder how much more frequently I should be washing the dog bedding. Now I am pretty sure I will do it this weekend!

  4. I usually shake the beds out before running them through the washer. Then I do a "clean washer" cycle, and the next load is whites with bleach.

    I'm sure you'll find a solution. :-)

  5. I always shake as much fur off of the beds and blankets before I wash them as I can. Sometimes it's even hard to shake off too, though. Well, at least Indiana looks squeaky clean! :)

  6. Wow, he really loves that.
    My dogs were looking horrified at the computer during this and I think my neighbour just called the police, LOL!
    Lynne x

  7. I have to wonder why they (the video) would choose to give their dog a bath at night? And then scare the dog further by taking it into the pool, even if it's just a few seconds...that's just the perfect recipe to make the dog even more fearful of baths. *rubs brow*
    As for doggie and kitty blankets, I usually just throw them into the washer and when it's done, I just remove the fur that collects in the lint bag and throw it away. :)

  8. As scotties, we don't shed (much), so our beds just get dirty. Roxy does leave white hair everywhere, but it seems to get caught in the filter...and we hang all the stuff outside. The wind usually gets the rest.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & roxy

  9. I know what you mean about the hairy wash machine. I just wipe it out with damp paper towel and clean under the rubber seal. the rest of the hair cleans off in the dryer.

  10. Ask me, ask me!

    Shake out blankies, combo washing detergent and NAPISAN, SuperClean wash cycle, use disinfecting function if available, maximum soak time, a sprinkle of deodorant powder after drying. Repeat every 10 days or so.


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