Monday, December 5, 2011

The Indoor Cat Conundrum

"But he wants to go outside." "We live on a very quiet street." "It's cruel to keep her in." These are things said by people who would never dream of opening the door and sending toddlers to wander down the street on their own. - Why All Cats Should Be Indoor Cats

I came across an interesting article on the PETA website. While I'm not always too keen on their fanatically serious take on animal issues, I felt this article was a great policy for any cat owner. It explains the dangers of allowing a cat to go outside, and I couldn't agree more with their view on keeping cats indoors, unless under supervision. Onyx hasn't been outside while I've owned him, and I plan to keep it that way, until I can build him a little kitty enclosure in our future backyard. Or, the day comes that he learns to love the leash I purchased for him while trying to fulfill my desire for a dog.

He does occasionally get to wander into the hallway of our apartment building, but seems pretty relieved to be scooted back inside.

Does this face look like it could handle the great outdoors?

Sidenote: Image Googling "Cat Outdoor Enclosures" comes up with some brilliant, zany, totally over the top enclosures Onyx dreams of in his sleep. Check out some winners here.

A taste of the sweet feline life.


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